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    Organic Dry Cleaning

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    We Clean and Restore your Clothing and Fabrics Organically

    At Hom’s Cleaners, we specialize in restoring your fabrics back to their original state with our organic dry cleaning services. We understand that removing stains and odors from your delicate fabrics without destroying them can be difficult. We provide a service that is safe, effective, green and eco friendly. We offer pick up and drop off services during our regular business hours.

    What is Organic Dry Cleaning?

    Organic dry cleaning is an environmentally friendly process that uses only natural solvent to clean your garments and other textiles. Without the use of harmful chemicals, the team at Hom’s Cleaners can provide a safe and environmentally-friendly service that you will still be satisfied with.

    Organic dry cleaning is great for fine cloths and handmade fabrics, table cloths and runners, drapes, curtains, comforter sets, and more. Our services help extend the list of your garments while giving the fabric a softer feel so it looks and feels just like new. Organic dry cleaning doesn’t leave any toxic residue or ondor on your garments or bedding and it can also reduce allergic reactions due to chemicals.

    Leave it to the experts at Hom’s to get the job done right. We’ll return your garments and other fabric items so they are clean and safe for you to use.

    "We Remove Stains Other Cleaners Can't!"