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    About Hom’s Cleaners

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    Consistant and Professional Dry Cleaning Services

    With over 44 years of service, Hom’s Dry Cleaners is the premier dry cleaning company serving the communities of Suffolk County, New York. Established in 1963 by Fred Hom, the company relocated to its present location in 1979. Hom’s is a full service dry cleaner offering all on-site spot cleaning, tailoring and same day service. We additionally offer delivery service to your home or office to save you time during your busy week.

    Remembering Our Founder, Fred Hom

    By Keith Hom, August 1, 2012

    A few days before his passing, my father asked, “What will be my legacy?” so clearly he thought about what his life has meant and what he leave behind. He needn’t worry. He had a full life:

    • Arriving from China at Ellis Island at 11
    • Growing up on the streets of Brooklyn
    • Joining the Army at 22
    • Married to a Tennessee farm girl and becoming a father at age 24
    • Having four sons by 36
    • Starting up a new business to support a family of six
    • Rebuilding a burned down house literally with his own two hands

    If you think about it, what he overcame and what he accomplished was something to really admire.

    And he leaves behind an enduring mark on his family and friends. He gave us a view of life forged by a lifetime of hard work and commitment.

    Fred Hom, 1928 – 2012

    He had a tough life – that made him a tough person – strong, determined, disciplined and proud. He expected a lot and sometimes that could take its toll on those around him. It wasn’t always easy living up to his standards.

    But life isn’t always easy or fair. He taught us that and so much more.

    When I was ten years old and half-heartedly sweeping the floor at the laundry, he told me, “If you sweep the floor, make it the best floor anybody ever swept.” If you do something, make sure you do it right–that was one of his main things:

    • If you’re fishing, make sure you do the bait properly
    • If you’re nailing something together, don’t bang the hell out of the wood
    • If you’re raking the lawn, make sure you pick up all the leaves
    • If you’re cooking some shrimp, damn it don’t over cook it

    If he saw somebody screw up, he would just shake his head. So if you see me or my brother shake our heads, you’ll know what it means: somebody screwed up.

    Another big thing for my dad was family. Stick by your family, do right by your family, have respect for your family. He often said, and always practiced, that it’s better to stay at home with your family than have a good time. You can’t always do what you want, but you should always do what needs to be done.

    Those lessons live within me and my brothers; and I hope they will live on with our children, and their children. From what I’ve seen, I believe they will. And that would make my father very happy. because he wanted his family to be happy and successful and to live a principled life.

    In the end–over the last difficult weeks–my father showed the strength and courage he always preached. He was the man of his own convictions and that will be his legacy to which we can all aspire.

    The other day, Brandon and I were sitting with my father as he waged his final battle. Brandon looked at me and said, “He’s the strongest person I ever saw.” And I said, “My father is a lion.” And through his family the lion will always roar.

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